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My French Duolingo Streak is at 40 Days!

Oh you don't know what Duolingo is?

Duolingo is a free language learning app/site that I've been a member of since 2015.

While I always liked learning languages I didn't really get hooked on it until 2016. My friend John introduced me to the Duolingo app and ever since then I've been on it almost daily.

I built a streak that was over 100 days and then I traveled overseas where the time zone shift caused my streak to end. As a result, I stopped using Duolingo for a bit but slowly but surely I began playing on Duolingo again. Today, I'm excited to announce that my French Duolingo streak is officially at 40 days and counting!

You can check out my Duolingo profile here at You can follow me on Duolingo and say hi. I love to make new friends that love to learn new languages. We can share our language learning experiences together.