Fashionably Late

I'm a guy that likes to look and feel good but I've never been the type of guy that someone would label fashionable. I've rarely worn fashionable items but when I do it's always a belt buckle or a money clip instead of something like a cuff link. That's about to change pronto because I've realized that I'm in my 30s and to get the kind of respect that a grown man deserves from society he needs to be able to dress well.

I am fully aware of all the men's magazines out there like GQ, Playboy, and Maxim that teach men how to dress. I used to read them until I found out how ridiculously expensive it is to look good. My mother always advises me to buy a few but expensive clothes that's made to last. Thanks to her I own a couple of really expensive suits to wear to work. I really need to get wearing them more often. I also own a pair of nice dress shoes. Though I've been kind of wearing one of them out.

Anyways, I'm not going to go through my entire wardrobe with you because frankly I don't have anything fancy except a pair of True Religion  designer jeans which I love. As soon as I wear my favorite True Religion jeans, which costs around $200, I feel like a rock star. And that's the feeling I want to have. I don't like to wear expensive stuff because it's expensive though.

And unlike my dad, I don't normally wear flashy clothes. My dad's the type that wears all white - he wears white jeans, a white shirt, and a white fedora hat with dark sunglasses. Judging from my parents you would wonder how I turned out to be just a t-shirt and jeans guy. And to that I'd say it was only a matter of time.

It's time to be fashionable.


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