Sunday, August 2, 2015

Seattle Seahawks

Having moved to Seattle just a few months ago, it's hard to explain Seattle's love for their Seahawks. Seattle is filled with diehard Seahawks fans, also known as 12s. They are loud and they are everywhere! In 2014, when the Super Bowl was held in NY/NJ the 12s outnumbered the Bronco fans I would say by a margin of 8 to 1. These 12s border on fanatical as evident by their already sold out training camps for this year (meanwhile in other cities, teams like the Jets are practically begging people to come for free) and the high cost of a preseason ticket to a game on their home field, CenturyLink, is averaging $80-$100 on StubHub. The prevalent number of Russell Wilson's #3 and Fan's #12 jerseys that people adorn in the dog days of summer when baseball is supposed to rule is also unusual. The Mariners are definitely beloved here in Seattle but they come in at an albeit distant second. Seahawks Football unquestionably reigns supreme here in Seattle, at least for now and will most likely remain that way the next couple of years as long as Wilson stays healthy and Carroll is the Head Coach.

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