Press Box

I went on a stadium tour of CenturyLink Field on my birthday. It was well worth the $12 price of admission for the 90 minute tour.

I got to go on the field and all the way up the 300 level seats. I also got the grand tour of the press box, the broadcasting section, and a private suite. I even got a tour of the locker room and shower. It was a complete stadium experience minus the actual game day atmosphere.

The best part of the tour was the press box. Seeing the press box and sitting in it was a surreal feeling. I could imagine myself being a Seattle Times Sportswriter watching the Seahawks play against their archival 49ers while typing away on my laptop. 

Sportswriters are a lucky bunch. They get to go to games, eat stadium food, and travel the country while covering their favorite teams. It's most every sports fans dream. It's odd but I envy sports writers more than the actual athletes. Most of my favorite writers are sportswriters. I would not mind being a sportswriter even though most of them make practically nothing. Yesterday was just make believe and for now that will have to do.


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