Saturday, August 15, 2015

Preseason or Playoffs?

The Seahawks played the Broncos last night. They lost the game 22-20 in front of their adoring fans that numbered up to almost 67,000 strong. The 12s enthusiasm and intensity made a meaningless preseason game inside CenturyLink seem like the playoffs. What happened last night won't mean anything come September when the real season begins.

Though the Seahawks lost the game we found out that explosive rookie Tyler Lockett has a dangerous return game that will immensely help the middling Special Teams. High draft pick and rookie defensive end Frank Clark had a heck of a game too. Their respective debut performances made geniuses out of Seattle's front office.

Coach Carroll seems as energetic and experienced as ever. Russell Wilson is their franchise QB and will be for the next four years because the front office smartly signed him to a long term deal. The Seahawks also managed to add the best Tight End in football in Jimmy Graham. Their top rated defense is practically the same from last year as the almost all the starters on that side of the ball will return. Seattle has an excellent opportunity to return to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year. They just need to stay healthy and keep playing well.

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