New York Jets

New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith got a broken jaw from a punch by a rookie third stringer and is out 6 to 10 weeks. The Jets backup quarter Ryan Fitzpatrick will replace Geno as their starter to start the season. Fitzpatrick is no stranger to football fans having started for the Buffalo Bills while he played under current offensive coach Chan Gailey when Gailey was the Head Coach at Buffalo. I'm curious to find out how well Fitzpatrick will do under Gailey as the Harvard alum threw career highs of 3832 yards and 24 touchdowns in all 16 games in 2011. Current Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles said there's no guarantee that Geno Smith will get his job back. It's the former 7th round draft pick Fitzpatrick's job to lose. For the sake of momentum if this year Fitzpatrick does a decent job and posts his 2011 numbers then leaving him in the starting role would be the correct move and no one would question it. However, it would be very disappointing to Geno Smith and all his fans considering how well Geno has done in camp. Regardless of what happens, Geno Smith is the future and he should at least be given one more shot at the starting role. I believe Fitzpatrick will have a fine year under Gailey and lead the Jets back into the playoffs. What that will setup is a QB controversy next year between Fitzpatrick and Smith. I said it on here first.


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