115th U.S. Open Championship

The US Open was being played out in Chambers Bay so because it was so close to me I was naturally curious to watch it. I had even thought about attending because it was just something to do as a sports fan. Since the ticket prices were a little out of my range and I had the opportunity to just relax and do nothing, I decided to watch the 115th US Open Championship on my computer. I was able to watch golf all weekend courtesy of Fox and let me tell you it was great! I surprised myself by loving every minute of it.

At the start of the tournament I was determined to cheer for Tiger Woods like probably a lot of mainstream golf fans. He did not play well and eventually was cut. Now without Tiger I would've normally just stopped watching but I continued on mainly to give these other golfers to impress me. And boy did they ever. Jason Day had fought a bout with vertigo and overcame it to finish the round. The wunderkind Jordan Spieth who had captured The Masters earlier in April (I had watched the final round at Hooters.) played very well again in another major. Dustin Johnson magically appeared at the leader board. Before I knew it these guys quickly became my new favorite golfers. The tournament was exciting because a winner wasn't decided the way until the very last putt.

Yes, I had heard of Phil Mickelson and Rory Mcilroy. I learned Phil never won the US Open but he played poorly so I didn't have an opportunity to cheer for him as much as I liked. Rory had an outstanding final round that made me an instant fan, but ultimately couldn't compete for the Championship. Watching these household players for the first time in a somewhat meaningful tournament (because the US Open was being played near me) allowed me to keep watching.  Also, kudos to Fox for bringing a familiar voice in sports in Joe Buck as an announcer. Joe Buck was a familiar voice in an unfamiliar sport.

This experience of becoming a fan of golf was truly wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it. The compelling storyline, the competitiveness of the golfers, the unpredictability of every shot, the excitement in familiar voice, is why I became a sports fan and it all played out organically this weekend while watching the U.S Open.


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