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MLB.TV Premium

Opening Night is a mere two weeks away and a lot of baseball fans around the country including yours truly are very excited. I can't wait to see the Boys of Summer all season long. I am looking forward to attending a few ball games at Citi Field too. I'm a Queens boy raised as a Mets fan, though I think of myself as a baseball fan first. If you're a baseball fan you got to have an subscription to watch live baseball online. It's not free, but definitely worth the price because you can stream almost any MLB games with 
The Premium subscription is $129.99 and it includes the At Bat app. 
You also get home and away broadcasts. If you have a favorite announcer this is perfect. For me, I'm a huge Vin Scully fan. (He's returning for his 66th season in the Dodgers booth. God bless him.) You learn a lot from your TV announcers. produced The MLB Local TV Announcer Rankings last year and if you're interested (and I know you a…