Getting Paid to Learn

I've been fortunate to have learned from one of the best mentors on Earth. Anyone in the free world can learn from the best in anything in the digital age. Go to Youtube and watch some videos on how to do something. Go to the public library and borrow a book and begin to read and learn. They say that reading is fundamental and that knowledge is power. I believe that in every ounce of my body. There's no right or wrong way to learn. Either you are learning or you're not. That's why it's important to read books, absorb knowledge, and grow more successful everyday. 

I've been working in a call center since forever. I learn something new each day about myself and others. Right now I work as a Customer Service and Sales Rep, and like every employee on some days I'm tired and on other days I'm enthusiastic. I always remind myself once in a while that I'm being paid to learn. That's something I picked up from Mark Cuban. In the book How to Win at the Sport of Business he said that if you find yourself in a job you don't like, the thing to do was to continue your education. He did not mean go back to school but that you should treat your job as getting paid to learn!   

Let's all go out and learn and paid for it!

P.S I think college education is great. I am not dismissing a college education. I went back to get my Master's and I'm proud that I have earned such a distinguished degree. Not only that my parents are super proud and that's a feeling money cannot buy. 


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