Duolingo Review

This month I found out about Duolingo.com and boy am I glad! It's a free foreign language learning site and app that you can learn in just ten minutes per day. Let me tell you I am hooked. If you have ever wanted to learn another language but don't think you have the time or money, well, you've run out of excuses! 

Personally, I've been using Duolingo.com for a little bit over two weeks now and I've made a lot of progress in learning Spanish. I've been learning Spanish since the 5th grade and even took a college level Spanish course. But I've stopped studying Spanish over 10 years ago. The human mind is amazing though and I using the Duolingo.com app has refreshed my memory of Spanish. I've managed to reach level 8 in Spanish on Duolingo by just putting in maybe 10-20 minutes per day the past two weeks. 

Since relearning Spanish on Duolingo I've become a little bored and wanted to try other languages such as French and Swedish. I attempted to learn French about 7 years ago after I got back from my Paris trip. I studied French for about a month and then I guess I got bored and stopped. In just three days I've reached level 2 on French and Swedish. However, because of my previous self study with French I expect to progress much faster in French than in Swedish. 

So yeah, by next year I hope to be conversational at least in Spanish, French, and Swedish. If I can do that I am going to reward myself by going to Sweden. And I definitely want to visit Spain and France again. In the mean time you can see all the progress I've made and follow me on www.duolingo.com/MarcPong.



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