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There are two click to donate sites that I'm quite fond of - and You can donate for free with a click of a button. It's so easy and you can visit daily. 

On 'The Hunger Site' you can click to help end Hunger and End poverty. It's a apart of the, which is a free to click charity network of sites. With a daily click of a button, you can help fund mammograms, rescue animals, feed homeless veterans, support autism awareness, fund alzheimer's disease research, fund diabetes research, give books to children, and stop global warming and protect endangered animals. 

Why not take 2 seconds right now to visit and bookmark

Care2 is one of my favorite sites ever. It is a very large social networking site and click to donate site combined with over 27 million members. You can make friends with like minded people that want to do some good in the world. 

There are some many worthy causes that you can support on Care2 such as Animal Welfare, Women's Rights, Civil Rights, Environment and Wildlife, and so much more! There is also a Healthy Living section that publishes eco friendly health and wellness articles with tips, recipes etc. The best part is you can earn points to redeem to support your cause by being active on the site. My favorite gift is a day of safe drinking water for a child which costs 200 points on Care2. I can easily achieve that when I comment ten times on the articles on site or when I sign four petitions. 

I've been a proud member since December 11, 2009 so going on 5 years now. My Care2 page is on You can do all kinds of good on Care2. If you sign up please do not hesitate to send me a friend request! 


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