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Why I Think LinkedIn and Twitter are Underrated.

I am on LinkedIn and I browse through LinkedIn quite often. So often in fact that I have over 1000 connections on that social networking site.

Ok I will admit the reason why I have so many LinkedIn connections is because I once belonged to an open networking group. That doesn't take away the fact that I am very active on LinkedIn and the reason why I am always on LinkedIn is because I like to browse through people's profiles and see what credentials they have listed on their resume. I learned about Google Adwords certification from doing just that. I think LinkedIn and Twitter are priceless resources when it comes to learning from the very best.

I believe in the concept of modeling excellence. I once learned this concept when I was 19 years old studying NLP for the very first time. At that age I wanted to be a psychiatrist and I had no idea the amount of years and study it took to become one. Anyways, modeling excellence in my own words means repeating the steps someone successful does in order to become successful yourself. The concept is simple, you model excellent behavior, you achieve success.

LinkedIn and Twitter allows you access to these successful people whom you normally wouldn't be able to associate with just 10 years ago. It's an extraordinarily powerful tool and best of all it's free. Well, unless you have a LinkedIn Premium subscription like I do then you pay $99 per month. But I will tell you LinkedIn Premium is worth way more than that. Even the LinkedIn ads are sometimes useful and I find myself clicking on them because they read just like articles. Fortunately for me I've been offered a free month of LinkedIn Premium on three different occasions.

I encourage everyone reading this to follow some smart people or business leaders in your field on Twitter and LinkedIn. See what they are doing, how they are successful, and model their behaviors. Meaning do the things they do to become successful. It's a free resource! Use it and thank me later.


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