I am a huge fan of social media. I like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and I have an account on all three of those major social networking sites. I believe they do an excellent job of keeping me informed about my family, friends, colleagues, and my many businesses.

Recently, I came across a social media site in StockTwits. I honestly didn't think much of it at first. I thought it was a Twitter for Stock traders, which it is essentially. I did like the site and how smooth it was to use. From using it and browsing through the site I got that feeling that it was a very well designed site. Who knows I could be wrong about this as I am not a web designer. I just know there were no delays or warning signs while I was on the site.

Then I started going through the profiles on StockTwits. There are some very knowledgeable people on there that write for prominent financial sites and go on financial news programs. Once I encountered more than I few, I knew I immediately I would be checking back tomorrow. So I bookmarked and tonight I'm writing about it.

The reason why I'm writing about StockTwits tonight is that social media sites are a dime a dozen and I found this one to have captured my attention. (I have literally subscribed to over one hundred social media sites. It's probably closer to two hundred now from all my years of being on the internet.) For me StockTwits, like Twitter, is a source of valuable information and what makes it valuable are the people on there who use it to spread their ideas and knowledge. I would consider paying a membership fee to Twitter and if I was a stock trader I would also consider it for StockTwits.


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