Professional Career Opportunities Civil Service Exam

So awhile back in March I took the civil service exam called the Professional Career Opportunities exam.  In order to take this exam you had to have at least a Bachelor's degree. On the day that I took the exam the line stretched around the block. I was surprised that there were so many exam takers but certainly not shocked with the economy being the way.

I arrived earlier than scheduled, but the exam did not start on time. In fact, because there were so many people the exam actually started an hour after it was originally scheduled. It was unbelievable that there was this many candidates. The people there were probably employed like me and wanted a better, more secured job like a civil service position. However, I have a feeling that a large chunk of the people there were also unemployed. It's a shame really that there were so many college graduates with very little job prospects. I rarely place blame on anyone but on that day I felt that the higher education failed us.

Before the actual exam they told us to fill out a questionnaire. I filled it out and they told me that I was a good fit to become a Criminal Justice program analyst. The starting pay would be about $38,000, which is a decent starting salary for a new college grad, but not someone like me. However, since I will have my Master's in Criminal Justice soon, I believe this position would suit me best. I hope to get this Criminal Justice Program Analyst position, but they haven't released the scores yet. They had originally told us to wait three to four months for exam results.

So were going on four plus months of waiting to hear the results and I'm nearing my graduation date of August 9. That's when I will have officially earned my Master's of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. But due to the overwhelming number of exam takers in March for this Professional Career Opportunities exam, I will have to do some more waiting. I'm not alone in this, there are others who are waiting anxiously too. Let's hope they finish grading the exams soon. I'm a patient person, but I'm also a realist. I know there are so many over qualified applicants like myself and so little civil service positions. It all boils down to simple economics and supply and demand. Let's hope I'm wrong and there are plenty of positions available for everyone. That's just the optimist in me. Hey who says you can't be a realist and an optimist?


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