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Professional Career Opportunities Civil Service Exam

So awhile back in March I took the civil service exam called the Professional Career Opportunities exam.  In order to take this exam you had to have at least a Bachelor's degree. On the day that I took the exam the line stretched around the block. I was surprised that there were so many exam takers but certainly not shocked with the economy being the way.

I arrived earlier than scheduled, but the exam did not start on time. In fact, because there were so many people the exam actually started an hour after it was originally scheduled. It was unbelievable that there was this many candidates. The people there were probably employed like me and wanted a better, more secured job like a civil service position. However, I have a feeling that a large chunk of the people there were also unemployed. It's a shame really that there were so many college graduates with very little job prospects. I rarely place blame on anyone but on that day I felt that the higher education failed us.


Why I Think LinkedIn and Twitter are Underrated.

I am on LinkedIn and I browse through LinkedIn quite often. So often in fact that I have over 1000 connections on that social networking site.

Ok I will admit the reason why I have so many LinkedIn connections is because I once belonged to an open networking group. That doesn't take away the fact that I am very active on LinkedIn and the reason why I am always on LinkedIn is because I like to browse through people's profiles and see what credentials they have listed on their resume. I learned about Google Adwords certification from doing just that. I think LinkedIn and Twitter are priceless resources when it comes to learning from the very best.

I believe in the concept of modeling excellence. I once learned this concept when I was 19 years old studying NLP for the very first time. At that age I wanted to be a psychiatrist and I had no idea the amount of years and study it took to become one. Anyways, modeling excellence in my own words means repeating the steps someone succes…


I am a huge fan of social media. I like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and I have an account on all three of those major social networking sites. I believe they do an excellent job of keeping me informed about my family, friends, colleagues, and my many businesses.

Recently, I came across a social media site in StockTwits. I honestly didn't think much of it at first. I thought it was a Twitter for Stock traders, which it is essentially. I did like the site and how smooth it was to use. From using it and browsing through the site I got that feeling that it was a very well designed site. Who knows I could be wrong about this as I am not a web designer. I just know there were no delays or warning signs while I was on the site.

Then I started going through the profiles on StockTwits. There are some very knowledgeable people on there that write for prominent financial sites and go on financial news programs. Once I encountered more than I few, I knew I immediately I would be checking …

Follow Your Effort

I am apart of Google Partners, a program for digital advertisers and marketers,  and one of the perks is that I get to enjoy a free domain from Google Domains. So I registered last night and will use that to generate new Thai to English and English to Thai translation business for me.

If you know me, you know that I work full time in sales and customer service for Time Warner Cable. So for 40 hours a week I spend a lot of time helping cable, internet, and digital phone customers with their account and services. You also know that I have a BA in Political Science and am set to graduate from a MS program in Criminal Justice. And finally you know that I have had a passive interest at online marketing, social media, and online blogging for many years now. 
At this point you're probably wondering why I wear so many hats and why I am taking on another business venture. The answer's simple really, it's because I'd rather be doing these things and learning …

Apple's 'Back to School' Promotion

Attention college students, Apple's 'Back to School' Promotion is now in session. When you purchase  a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or Mac Pro you get a $100 Apple Store gift card. If you buy an iPad Air, Retina iPad (iPad 4), Retina iPad mini, iPad mini (first generation iPad mini), iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c or iPhone 4s you qualify for a $50 Apple Store gift card. Just be a college student and you're good for the really cool promotion. It's really that simple.  The Apple promotion won't last so use your student discount now before September 9.