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Starting today I will cover the Thailand Financial Markets as a part time Thai Financial Blogger. I plan to research and share Thailand financial news, Thailand stock market news, and Thailand investment news with the world. This means reading and watching everything about the Thai financial markets, listening to Thai stock exchange listed companies webcasts and earnings conference calls, and then sharing my thoughts and insights on the subject matter as it relates to Thailand and the Financial Markets. I will be the guy that's known for reading the annual reports of all the companies listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Why am I doing this and why should you read my blog? I am blogging because on a personal level I want to develop my writing and research skills to a point where once I enter Business School I will be able to focus all my energy on academics and networking. In order to get to that point I have to read and write consistently and often as possible. I am also doing this because I want to put Thai stocks on the radar for the world to see. I sincerely believe many Thai stocks are hugely undervalued and investors as well as fund managers should be informed about the enormous potential and profits that they can bring to their portfolios and funds. Who knows why the world just doesn't understand how valuable and smartly run Thai companies are. Whether you're an investor or fund manager or any variation in between, chances are you landed on my blog because you're interested in Thailand, investing, and finance. You should read my blog because I am Thai American, am bilingual in Thai and English, and have a personal connection to Thailand in a way that most foreigners or non Thais don't. I have local knowledge so I have authentic, first hand information on Thailand and the Thai people's way of life. As global business expands so does the need of awareness for cultural sensitivity. Having been raised in a Thai household I understand the local customs and traditions. I can also speak their language on a native level. If you're a western investor, executive, analyst or fund manager and have attended more than a few conference calls in Thailand, I'm sure you've notice how Thai executives like to joke around in Thai. Rarely do these types of rapport building conversations happen between Thai executives and their western counterparts. I will parlay that natural rapport and use it to my advantage in making that connection for the timely information on a product or company in Thailand. Thailand is a great country to invest in because Thai people are very hard working and the companies in it are very well run. We didn't need to learn from 2008 because we learned from the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997. Thais are a careful and cautious bunch and they love cash. It's a shame that Thai stocks are so undervalued these days despite their stellar growth rates. I am here to showcase the most profitable Thai stocks and urge my readers not to overlook Thailand as an investment vehicle. For some that may not be ready to invest or don't know where to start, I recommend you bookmark this blog as I will put out detailed posts on how to buy Thai stocks and steer you in the right direction with my research. It is my intention that everyone who reads this blog does their own due diligence. I cannot and will not be held liable for any investment losses as I cannot predict the future. Though it is my hope that you consider Thai stocks as an investment worthy of your portfolio however small or massive.

Khun Marc

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