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Hoarding Twinkies

In case you haven't heard Hostess is going out of business. Thousands of Hostess employees will be laid off and have no jobs to go to on Monday morning and all we care about are hoarding boxes of Twinkies off supermarket shelves and on EBay. I don't have an opinion on Unions but I think that corporations need to start paying fair wages to American workers. I feel sorry for the Hostess workers who will lose their jobs and I hope they land on their feet to somehow support their families. That's all I got to say on it. Now on to more Twinkies talk. It's crazy and sad that people are bidding on Twinkies on Ebay. I guess that's human nature. We want what we can't have. I don't think Twinkies will ever go out of business though. Some major food corporation will buy the brand and keep selling them. Twinkies are pretty good, and they taste great but let's face it, it's junk food. Do we really need to be buying boxes of Twinkies for $60 a pop? To each …