Kids vs Adults

Mark Cuban gave great advice on Twitter. He tweeted something a long the lines of "in order to be great you have to be great at something. So what are you great at?" So what are you great at? What an interesting question. When you're a kid it's so hard to tell what you're great at because you aren't supposed to have experienced life yet. Funny though when I was a kid people would ask me what I like to do and of course as a kid I liked to eat candy and play video games. When I was a kid other kids would gravitate towards me. I had no special talents or anything. I wasn't the popular kid in fact I was the class clown in 7th grade because I was a nerdy looking kid who wore thick glasses and needed to be liked. Fortunately, because of sports and my above average athletic ability, that phase was over quick. I threw the ball hard and ran like the wind. I tried out for team and other kids were impressed with me, however, when it came to coaches and authority, they always seemed to doubt me and I never started a game. One Saturday morning, I got dressed up and went to the ball park for a Little League game. I remember crying because I never got to play. In retrospect that coach was an ass. We were in junior high. Every kid shouldve played no matter what.


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