Customer Service

Customer service is apart of a product that we sell to customers. When customer service is provided as a selling point then customer service should be just as good or if not better than the product itself. I think that customer service needs to be about the customer experience rather than about numbers and money. Numbers as we all know can be manipulated. You cannot fake good customer service just as you cant fake a good meal. A company with bad customer service needs to overcome the loss of a customer and has to regain a new customer to avoid a loss in their own revenue. It is said that it is 9 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. So wouldn't it make sense to provide good customer service. The difference between good customer service and bad customer service is the amount of time it takes to provide it and the knowledge of people who provide the service, namely the workers. Anyone can be trained on how to answer general questions or perform general labor, but it takes an experienced employee with the knowledge and reference experiences to be able to come up with a creative solutions. Customers are savvy these days and they want their problem to be handled in a fairly timely matter and who else is more qualified to do that then an experienced worker. I propose that more companies treat their customer service employees like school teachers and the customers like school children. That would eliminate a lot of bad customer service experiences. To maximize output and minimize downtime, clerical or administrative work would assigned to employees. Customers wouldn't have to resort to dealing with supervisors or managers as often because employees will have given their full attention to resolving any issue at hand. I would eliminate focus on limiting the time spent servicing the customer and provide more on the job training for employees. Sure it'd be great to service as many customers as possible, but with limited time and knowledge the average customer service representative can only do so much and in many bad cases can down right lie or make a lot of promises they cannot keep. For those reps that do follow through it's also not fair to many representatives who perform extra duties for a company while not getting paid for it. Anyway, that's my personal view on customer service in general and it is not directed at any one company.


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