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Blown Calls

If you watched the Braves/Cards 1 game playoff I have a question for you. Since when did the infield become the outfield? The umpires royally screwed the Braves and the league needed to step in to correct that blown infield fly rule that was called when the ball landed in the OUTFIELD. That was the second time in a month where a league could've corrected a crucial blown call. The first of course was the Hail Mary Touchdown by Seahawks against Green Bay in the Monday night game. As a fan I feel there needs to be a Supreme Court for the outcome of games. It's sports and it's not life or death to overturn a certain blown call. I thought Major League Baseball was different and had common sense especially when you consider that they took away the batting title away from Melky Cabrera by making a small change to the rules for one season. Then the Braves got charged with an out when the infield fly rule came into effect in the outfield. The referees and umpires do their jobs the best they can but the league needs to step in and reverse some blown calls every now and then. If they don't they'll be bad consequences such as the horse manure chants from the Baltimore Ravens crowd in the Monday night game a few weeks ago. And even worse what happened on Friday night at Turner Field when the fans started to throw cups of beer onto the field that caused a twenty minute delay. The ugly behavior from the Braves fans showed how disgusting the call was. It's starting to resemble the WWE out there in professional sports.


AJimp said…
as long as my yankees won, I am a happy camper.
Jim said…
Technically speaking, the actual wording of the infield fly rule doesn't specify the ball has to be in the infield. It only states that it has to be an infielder making the play through ordinary effort. I didn't see the play, and I don't care enough to look for it, I'm just saying according to the wording, the "where" doesn't matter; just the "who" and the "how."

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