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Kids vs Adults

Mark Cuban gave great advice on Twitter. He tweeted something a long the lines of "in order to be great you have to be great at something. So what are you great at?" So what are you great at? What an interesting question. When you're a kid it's so hard to tell what you're great at because you aren't supposed to have experienced life yet. Funny though when I was a kid people would ask me what I like to do and of course as a kid I liked to eat candy and play video games. When I was a kid other kids would gravitate towards me. I had no special talents or anything. I wasn't the popular kid in fact I was the class clown in 7th grade because I was a nerdy looking kid who wore thick glasses and needed to be liked. Fortunately, because of sports and my above average athletic ability, that phase was over quick. I threw the ball hard and ran like the wind. I tried out for team and other kids were impressed with me, however, when it came to coaches and authority…


The second season of Homeland premiered on Showtime on 9/30 and I am just catching up with the series. The story revolves around a young female CIA officer and US Marine that was MIA for years. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are spectacular but don't take my word on it because it won Emmys and that's my primary reason for watching the show.

Wide Receivers

Terrell Owens tweeted to the New York Jets recently that he was available for hire. That he was ready, willing, and able. As hard as that was for me to witness as a football fan, I know another well known former NFL wide receiver, Plaxico Burress, who also begged for a job. He came on the show First Take and Skip Bayless gave him a dose of reality and told him to accept the fact that he won't ever play in the NFL again. In truth, both guys deserve the respect of at least a tryout with an NFL team. It would be great if the Jets signed Owens, Burress, and Chad Johnson, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


Can't wait to see Argo this weekend. Ben Affleck is one of my favorite actors in all of Hollywood. Most people can't stand him, but I like him both as an actor and as a director. Any movie that he's in I like. Looper should be good too with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis. I've always been a fan of Bruce Willis. And let's not forget Taken 2 with Mr Neeson. Those are the three movies I will watch this weekend. Should be fun!!

Blown Calls

If you watched the Braves/Cards 1 game playoff I have a question for you. Since when did the infield become the outfield? The umpires royally screwed the Braves and the league needed to step in to correct that blown infield fly rule that was called when the ball landed in the OUTFIELD. That was the second time in a month where a league could've corrected a crucial blown call. The first of course was the Hail Mary Touchdown by Seahawks against Green Bay in the Monday night game. As a fan I feel there needs to be a Supreme Court for the outcome of games. It's sports and it's not life or death to overturn a certain blown call. I thought Major League Baseball was different and had common sense especially when you consider that they took away the batting title away from Melky Cabrera by making a small change to the rules for one season. Then the Braves got charged with an out when the infield fly rule came into effect in the outfield. The referees and umpires do their jobs…


I'm pretty excited for the NBA season to start. I was a Knicks fan until ownership decided to let Jeremy Lin go so now I'm a converted Lakers fan. I have my reasons but I'm a Lakers fan because 1) one of my close friends is a hardcore Lakers fan 2) the company I work for, Time Warner Cable, owns the broadcast rights to Laker games 3) because I think the Knicks suck for letting Jeremy Lin go. Lakers look awesome on paper with Kobe, Howard, Gasol, Artest, and Nash in the starting lineup. They will kick everyone's butt. I cannot wait!


I work in a technology heavy field with lots of demand on the knowledge of the inner workings of a modem, router, and set top boxes. I deal with them on a daily basis and I am well versed on how they benefit and improve our lives. Yet I have a vague idea of the technology behind it. I read a ton of software manuals and pickup pieces of knowledge here and there but I think that's similar to learning a foreign language through immersion instead of a classroom environment. I've tried both and I think a more structured learning approach would ultimately benefit me in the long run. I think an extensive networking course track would help me better understand the technology I deal with on a day to day basis. Reading computer manuals would still be required in order to keep abreast of the changes in the fast pace world of technology. However, I feel an educational foundation is what I lack and getting educated at a computer institution or computer training school would look great o…

Customer Service

Customer service is apart of a product that we sell to customers. When customer service is provided as a selling point then customer service should be just as good or if not better than the product itself. I think that customer service needs to be about the customer experience rather than about numbers and money. Numbers as we all know can be manipulated. You cannot fake good customer service just as you cant fake a good meal. A company with bad customer service needs to overcome the loss of a customer and has to regain a new customer to avoid a loss in their own revenue. It is said that it is 9 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. So wouldn't it make sense to provide good customer service. The difference between good customer service and bad customer service is the amount of time it takes to provide it and the knowledge of people who provide the service, namely the workers. Anyone can be trained on how to answer general question…

It's Tebow Time

The 49ers came into town yesterday and blew out the Jets 34-0 in front of the New York crowd. The defense played horrible. The offense was anemic. The Jets signed Tebow to be a Quarterback but up until now he's thrown just 1 pass. It's time, New York Jets, to start Tim Tebow at Quarterback.