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Untouchable League

After the Monday Night game between the Falcons and Broncos Steve Young made an honest remark on the NFL and Replacement Referees. He said about the NFL that "bottom line is they don't care." That is they don't care about the officiating and blown calls because it's been proven that fans will continue to buy tickets and watch the games. Young said "they don't care about player safety in the case of bringing in Division 3 officials, because it doesn't affect the desire for the game. If it affected the desire for the game, they'd come up with a few million dollars." Steve Young is so money on this topic of replacement referees that it could cause him to get fired from the Monday Night Football Telecast Booth. That's how powerful the NFL is. I'd be very interested to hear what Young has to say next. Whether or not he'll tone it down or be removed from the booth remains to be seen. The NFL has become an untouchable league that isn't concerned about it's players or partners for that matter. It will only protect what's important to them - money. There I said it. The NFL is a money hungry league that doesn't care about anything but it's return on investment. While I don't appreciate the state of officiating in the NFL I can definitely understand the blown calls. These are replacement referees and they are expected to make these types of blown calls. The NFL needs to understand that great referees and officials make the game fair and that's all we can really ask for. To not care about the officiating of a game is similar to playing a pickup game then why do we even keep score? I think that if football fans continue to see this type of mediocre officiating it will turn them off from the game. Just wait until a replacement referee blows a crucial call for a playoff bound team. It'll happen sooner or later and the NFL needs to get their act together and stop acting like they're untouchable.


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