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Trash Talk

ESPN is blowing up tweets made by a couple of college football players about their crosstown rival quarterback. These kids should get a pass, even though these tweets were personal, they are entitled to their opinions especially when it's just trash talk. Coaches do not need to ban players from social media because banning that means taking away an outlet of expression and because trash talking will happen no matter if it's on Twitter or on the field.

The cynical person in me questions the ulterior motive of ESPN when it comes to their questionable coverage of athletes who trash talk on social media. ESPN is the foremost authority in sports media and when they portray athletes who commit the slightest faux pas on Twitter in a bad light they influence the entire sports community to think the same way. What happens next is that our favorite athletes tweet less because their coaches think Twitter's a major distraction and we use less of Twitter and watch more ESPN or read more tweets by ESPN analysts.

With that said I'm not the biggest fan of Twitter but I can understand how trash talking can be fun. Athletes should be able to express themselves as long as their conduct on the field is sportsmanlike. ESPN needs to back off attacking these kids. And no they do not deserve one game suspensions over this, Stephen A Smith! 


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