The Most Popular Prime Time Network Show

The most popular prime time network show last week was Hell's Kitchen on Fox. Gordon Ramsay is the show's creator and is quite frankly a genius. He's like a Seth MacFarlane for food television.

Ramsay owns the Fox airwaves on Mondays and Tuesdays nights. Not only does he have Hell's Kitchen to his credit, which also happens to be in it's tenth season, Ramsay has also created Hotel Hell which is the lead in to Hell's Kitchen on Monday nights on Fox. On Tuesday nights, Ramsay's rerun of Masterchef is a lead in to before the new episode of Masterchef airs. Masterchef is a competitive cooking show like Hell's Kitchen. All three shows are reality based.

What does this say about what Americans television viewers? That they love competition, reality shows, and food! Gordon Ramsay is a genius because he realizes this and is cashing in big time to the tune of $110 million dollars which is his net worth. And oh by the way his empire has a fourth show, Kitchen Nightmares, which premieres September 28!


Jim said…
I've been waiting days to say this lol being the #1 prime time network show in the last week of August isn't a hard thing to accomplish at all because that's when all the networks are running crap; all the shows worth watching are on cable during that time period.

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