Good thing I missed the Jets game today because it was a stinker. The Jets lost 27-10 to the Steelers. My favorite NFL player, Tim Tebow, was nearly invisible as he appeared in only 3 plays. The Jets need to play him more or else I will stop watching them. Tebow should've gone to Jacksonville and played with the Jaguars. He has a better chance of beating out Blaine Gibbert than Mark Sanchez who is a good quarterback in my opinion. Speaking of Sanchez he struggled mightily in today's game and looked nowhere near his Week 1 self. Both New York football teams are 1-1.


AJimp said…
Go steelers,
ben roethlisburger is awesome. I remember the first reason I started to follow him was because his name sounded similar to hamburger LOL
Marc said…
Indeed, Big Ben had one of the best games ever against the Jets. Not only that the Steelers top two defensive players were out with injuries and didn't even play in the game. Tim Tebow was in the game for 3 plays - one of which was a 22 yard running play that could've ignited the Jets offense toward the end of the Third quarter but instead Ryan took him out. Says so much about the Jets.

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