Sunday Sports

The Jets blew out the Bills 48-28 and after the game there was absolutely no debate on who the starting quarterback should be for the Jets. It seemed like Mark Sanchez threw perfect spirals every time for a large gain or a touchdown while Tebow never even got a chance to throw the ball and rightfully so. The position simply belongs to Sanchez and I don't see him giving up the position to Tebow any time this season or if ever. Tebow is a great guy and I hope he gets his chance and I believe that he will make an impact with the Jets.

Soon to be 31 year old Serena Williams came all the way back from being two points from defeat in what at the time was 5-2 lead for Victoria Azarenka in the third set. I think this was the most feel good story of the day. If you remember Williams had to sit out for a while when she had blood clots that threatened her life let alone her career. To battle back and beat a #1 seed is remarkable. All we need now is for Andy Murray to win against Djokovic tomorrow in what already has been one of the better US Opens in recent memory. Finally, thanks for the memories Andy Roddick. I will always treasure my first time at the Flushing Meadows when me and my mom went to see you play against Bjorn Phau at the US Open in 2009.

Another athlete said good bye in New York. Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones played his last game in New York. It seemed like only yesterday he batted .320 35 hrs 120 rbis. He was the idea fantasy baseball player and every fan wanted him on their team. My feelings are mixed about this one though since cheering for a Braves fan seems kind of inappropriate because Chipper was clutch against the Mets and he hurt our chances of winning over the years. However, when you look at it from a grand perspective he brought greatness to the third base position and the game of baseball. Chipper will always be apart of our collective baseball memories as Mets fans and to have watched him play so often in New York it only seemed fitting that he got the ovation that he did when he pinched hit in the 9th. And oh yeah he walked that son of a...



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