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Puffy Face

Today I woke up with a puffy face and I think it has to do with lack of sleep and what I ate the day before. You see the past week I've been sleeping an average of 5 to 6 hours which is good enough for some folks like me but less than average amount of 8 that sleep experts say is required. I also ate potato chips and pretzels and Pop eyes chicken which we all know is high in sodium content. Excess salt in one's diet causes the body to retain fluid. I also didn't have my usual watermelon which combats the puffiness of the face. I didn't drink any alcohol but if I did that would've added to my swollen face. So now I will cure that puffy face and take a nap so I can wake up refreshed!


Jim said…
Don't worry, I had enough alcohol last night for the both of us.
Marc said…
Yeah I read on your facebook. I hope you've recovered from your hangover. When are they not unpleasant! lol

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