Practice Makes Perfect

Have you ever heard of the saying that practice makes perfect? Or that practice makes permanent for those that don't believe in perfection? Because it couldn't be any truer. Practice does indeed make it perfect, or at the very least permanent.

Practice is the key to any form of mastery. If you want to be good at typing you practice typing. If you want to learn another language you practice learning that language. There's no shortcut, no book, advice or magic pill that can take it's place. And yet most of the products that out there are magic pills that don't work to help get you real, permanent results. So if there are no magic pills that can help you and we have to practice at everything we want to be good at then that means as a society were screwed right?

Not exactly, but I do think that the majority of people are generally lazy and they walk around the world in a walking daze. If you disagree with this statement read up on on physics. In physics the law of conservation states that energy is conserved over time. That means we as human beings tend to conserve our energy over time and that is the reason for such laziness. Now, I know what I just wrote is controversial, but it's an honest analogy of our life. We first have to admit that were lazy, and then take action to reverse inaction.

It's when we come to value hard work and practice is when we start to succeed. I have always worked extra hard and push outside of my comfort zone, even if it's an inch or .000001%. Those little movements do add up, just like the power of compounding. So as a society if we can commit to becoming hard workers and place practice at the top of our priority list I strongly believe we can achieve anything.


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