In life we tell ourselves that it's good to keep our options open.That's it's good to be flexible, but I think that's just an excuse from making a hard decision. As an adult I believe that as you mature you become more aware of what matters and resourceful enough to focus on the important areas of life. 

When I was younger I found myself doing all sorts of things and experimenting because that's how kids develop. A toddler will play with one toy and then move to another because they get bored of it. Obviously, from good parenting I knew what was right and what was wrong but my activities were all over the place. 

As I got older I knew that it was crucial to stick to one thing and finish. I grew up involved in sports and as a result I became a competitive person. Because of that I was never the type to give up that easily and that's an important quality to have especially when you're a Man. But the ugly side of that is the stubbornness that comes along with always having to be right.

It takes a grown man who's secure with himself to admit that he's wrong and to analyze the direction in life that he's going in. There's a concept in NLP that says if you keep doing what you're doing then you'll keep getting what you've been getting. In other words, if you're heading in the same direction you'll always end up at the same destination.   

In business they have a five year plan for successful companies in order to evolve, grow, and remain competitive. In life, in order to grow as human beings, every now and then we have to reassess our lives and give meaning to what matters and then hone in on those special areas.


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