Our Idiot Brother

I saw the movie Our Idiot Brother last night on Showtime on Demand. I really enjoyed the movie because of Paul Rudd. Rudd plays Ned in the movie who of course is the idiot brother. The movie begins with Ned who sells weed to a uniformed cop and lands himself in jail. He serves time and gets out early for good behavior only to find out that his girlfriend left him for another guy and that he can't see his dog Willie Nelson anymore. Ned is bummed and temporarily moves in with this mom and then subsequently moves in with his sister. He enters his sisters lives and affects them in a way that helps brings light to their hidden problems. The sister he moves in with doesn't know that her husband cheats on her and somehow through his sheer innocence discovers the affair and relays that fact to his other sister. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone, but I would definitely recommend it. Movie's only about 90 minutes long and if you ask me it's more of a chick flick than anything. Don't expect anything Ned to be Alan from The Hangover. Ned is smarter than people think and the reason why people think he's an idiot is because he sees the good in people. It's very heartwarming so definitely it gets 4 out of 4 stars from me.


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