NFL Network Time Warner Cable Agreement

According to Bloomberg, the National Football League has reached an agreement with Time Warner Cable to carry the NFL Network and the NFL Red Zone channel. I hope this is true because I would love to be able to see more exclusive football games on the NFL Network every week. Also, with the NFL Red Zone, I'd be able to watch most of the scoring drives in football games in real time. This is definitely an exciting time for NFL fans who have Time Warner Cable and I can only hope that they announce it soon and get the deal signed! Although I work for Time Warner Cable, I have no direct knowledge of whether a contract has been signed with the NFL Network. Also my thoughts, opinions and statements on this blog are mine only and not affiliated with Time Warner Cable or the National Football League. However, Bloomberg is a reputable source of financial news and it definitely is a good sign of things to come. I am optimistic of being able to watch next week's NFL Network match up between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens in Week 4! Are you ready for some more football!


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