NFL Game Rewind Free Trial

Attention NFL Football fans you can now watch NFL Games Online and follow your favorite team all season long on! The NFL is offering a free trial on NFL Game Rewind, which gives football fans the ability to watch FULL replays of every 2012 game leading up to Super XLVII! 

In this limited time offer, when you subscribe to the free trial for NFL Game Rewind on the website site you have access to all the regular season games as well as playoffs and the Super Bowl. And since the Game Rewind subscription expires in July 2013 you can replay any game in full length from the 2009-2012 during the off season!

In my opinion NFL Game Rewind is the best deal out there because it doesn't cost a lot of money when compared with the price of a sports ticket. Think about the last time you went to a game how much did that cost you? Also, why would anyone need Directv's NFL football package when you can watch football games on network channels for free from 1pm to 11pm on Sundays and then catch all the remaining games on NFL Game Rewind?



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