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When I was a kid I didn't understand the importance of money. I never grew up with a lot of money though I didn't grow up broke either. I can't relate to having lots of money or no money. I can only say that if I were rich I would spend it on the poor like Robin Hood only minus the stealing part. I think in today's society the rich have way too much control over us and that scares me as an individual that's not remotely rich. I'd like to think that we are all treated equally but that's not the case at all. The person with more assets and money is generally treated better to a point where they think they're entitled to it. Sometimes that thought makes me sad. I guess I'm a little naive to think that way because the world that I imagine as a little kid is nothing what I thought it was. It's harsher, colder, and more severe than ever. Gandhi said be the change you wish to see in the world. He is right. And if I want to raise my kid in a society where they are not respected for money but for their talents then I will have to live out my life like that. Money is important please don't get me wrong but it's something that shouldn't define you.


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University of Cincinnati Master of Science Degree Diploma

It's official! Today, I received my diploma from the University of Cincinnati. I can't express how happy and proud I am of my Master of Science degree. I told my mom, my aunt, my dad and basically everyone on my social media. I even tweeted my diploma photo to Santa Ono, the President of the University of Cincinnati, and even got a congratulatory reply from him and the official UC Twitter account. So it's been an awesome Saturday.

Here is a pic of my University of Cincinnati diploma.

Holiday Tradition

The holidays are just around the corner. It's the best time of the year for sure. But the holidays can go by really quickly. I mean, it's going to be Halloween on Monday already! Pretty soon Thanksgiving will be here and we'll all be eating Turkey with our families. Then just like that we'll be opening up presents on Christmas and ringing in 2017 on New Year's.

Some families have holiday traditions. I want to start a holiday tradition where we help out the less fortunate. Everyday is a struggle for each one of us but at least we have food on our tables and a roof over our heads. There are just way too many people on the streets hungry and freezing. We shouldn't let this go on. Not on our watch.

With the power of the internet we can achieve so much in so little time. We can use this power to help others. We don't even have to spend our own money. Did you know that there are free donation sites out there right now that you can visit everyday and donate for fr…

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