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Ichiro Suzuki of the New York Yankees, in case you haven't heard, went seven for eight in a doubleheader against the Toronto Blue Jays. In second game of the day night doubleheader he went four for four with four stolen bases! Ichiro increased his overall batting average by eight points from .269 to .277. Fittingly, after the second game Ichiro said "I'm very sad that the day is over." The trade for Ichiro has rejuvenated him. In 53 games with the Yankees he's batting .317 with 3 homeruns, 19 rbis, and 10 sbs. If you project those number over the course of 162 games those numbers become All Star numbers. Ichiro before the Yankee trade was a a Hall of Famer with a great glove but on the decline in his offensive abilities. Since then he's been exceptional offensively and has outperformed everyone's expectations.


Jim said…
Not for nothing, but everybody gets reinvigorated offensively when they start playing half their games in Yankee Stadium with those ridiculous dimensions lol
AJ Raza said…
yeah and to add to that, yankee line up is always so strong offensively that every hitter benefits from being a part of it to a certain extent. curtis granderson is a prime example. As a pitcher, you are more than likely to take your chances with giving up a base hit to ichiro than having to face let's say cano or arod or tex. That being said, ICHIRO IS AM AMAZINGLY AWESOME PLAYER. the dude is a giant in this world of sports. And alternatively, he is from japan and he succeeded so much in MLB that no asian player (like hidek matsui) can touch him in terms of records and hits.

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