Green Day

When I was a kid my favorite band was Green Day. I loved their Dookie album that included hits as Longview, Welcome to Paradise, Basket Case, and When I Come Around. They are songs #2,#5,#7, and #10 on the album. I listened to that album so much as a youth that I came to revere Billie Joe Armstrong both as a musician and a role model. Since then Green Day has come a long way to become international rock stars and I have been fortunate to have followed them and be a fan since 1994. That's 18 years of Green Day! When I heard the other day at the IHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas that Green Day was given a minute to wrap up their set and Billie Joe threw a fit and said he wasn't Justin Bieber and then proceeded to smash his guitar on stage I became even more of a fan. He personifies everything that is right with rock music. You are supposed to respect your elder rock stars. It has always been that way. We don't disrespect those who have come before us especially in a celebrity world. To the organizers of IHeartRadio music festival you did not respect that order and for that Billie Joe had every reason to react that way on stage.


Jim said…
Now, when you say, "When I heard the other day," do you really mean when you saw the link I posted on Facebook a few hours ago? lol
Marc said…
No I actually knew about that before you posted on Facebook. Though your post did give me something to write about for today when I had nothing. lol

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