ESPN First Take

The ESPN sports debate show starring Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless is one of my favorite shows on television. Stephen A Smith gives us his honest and objective opinion in each debate and tells it like it is. Skip Bayless is unique and gives the viewers a refreshing perspective on the game. He is objective for the most part despite what Mark Cuban thinks. I hated that Cuban came on the show and put Skip Bayless on blast. You don't do that on someone's show. I'm pretty sure Skip Bayless knows a lot more about sports than Cuban does. As a sportswriter/sports television personality Skip has follows sports for a living. He knows sports and spends all his time watching, analyzing, and on ESPN First Take, DEBATING them. Where as Cuban spends his time being a billionaire businessmen on Shark Tank and Dancing With The Stars. This is not to question both men's brilliant minds. I just think it was bad that Cuban came on the show and shredded Skip to pieces while Stephen A Smith did nothing to defend his counterpart. The reason why I bring that up is because a couple of days ago on the topic of New England Patriots player Wes Welker's diminished role on the team Stephen A Smith said that Brady didn't say enough to support Welker in a radio talk show interview. Smith mentions that Welker had a hundred receptions last year and has been Brady's bread and butter over the years and that Brady should've stood up for Welker. And I agree wholeheartedly with Smith's point. This is exactly why I watch First Take. Because it's honest and yet hypocritical lol.


AJimp said…
lol if you think cuban "shredded" skip; you don't watch the show enough. Skip has been through way worse than that in the past (just google little wayne skip bayless and/or jalen rose destroys skip bayless) and you will see what i am talking about. But, it doesno't affect skip because his ego is bigger than most sports athletes LOL.
Marc said…
Jalen Rose is a basketball analyst so it's ok to have destroyed Skip in a debate. Plus he works for ESPN too so it's basically in the same family. However, I have to check out this Little Wayne clip! lol Poor Skip.
Marc said…
AJ and everyone if you can't get enough of First Take you should follow them on Twitter!

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