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College Sports Television Market

A foodie in New York City can walk into any variety of restaurant of his or her choosing. However, the same foodie who also happens to be a football fan in New York City cannot even watch his or her favorite college football team. With sports as popular as it is, why are options to watch non local teams so limited? It's certainly NOT the technology and it's certainly not the low demand.

Fans crave this stuff and there is a market demand for this so why all the local blackout restrictions? Why are corporations and businessmen dictating what teams we are are able to watch and teams were not able to watch. I can understand how they can impose on us what professional teams were able to watch in our local markets but college teams? The last time I checked NCAA athletes don't earn a salary.

Can it really be all about the money given the number of sports packages that televise a number of out of market games? Is it not financially viable for an sports media executive to put a package together for college sports the same way the professional leagues already have done? When a college game is being aired why not let everyone in the nation, either through a paid or free subscription, have access to it!

Are college game day packages the best that they can come up with? European soccer really needs to follow this business model as well and make their games available on a network or online. But I digress, I'm just a Longhorns fan who just wants to be able to follow his favorite college football team all season long.


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