Today's post is not about the delicious breakfast item that is apart of your typical American diet. It's not about money or how to bring home the bacon. It's about Kevin Bacon, well, the Bacon Number. And Google. If you watch a lot of Hollywood films or are a movie buff then you've probably heard of the term six degrees of Kevin Bacon which has become a parlor game that is a variation on six degrees of separation which posits that any two people on Earth are six acquaintance links apart. The Bacon Number of an actor is the number of degree of separation he or she has from Kevin Bacon. For example, the Bacon Number for Kevin Bacon is 0. Those actor who has worked directly with Bacon has a Bacon Number of 1. The six degrees of Kevin Bacon game is about to get better as Google has built the Bacon number into it's search engine. There's no special website but Google that you can play the game on. Want to know Johnny Depp's Bacon Number? Type in Google Search "Bacon Number Johnny Depp" and the search engine will reveal that "Johnny Depps Bacon Number is 2". Movie aficionados have fun with this because I know I will.


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