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Puffy Face

Today I woke up with a puffy face and I think it has to do with lack of sleep and what I ate the day before. You see the past week I've been sleeping an average of 5 to 6 hours which is good enough for some folks like me but less than average amount of 8 that sleep experts say is required. I also ate potato chips and pretzels and Pop eyes chicken which we all know is high in sodium content. Excess salt in one's diet causes the body to retain fluid. I also didn't have my usual watermelon which combats the puffiness of the face. I didn't drink any alcohol but if I did that would've added to my swollen face. So now I will cure that puffy face and take a nap so I can wake up refreshed!

NFL Refs

The real NFL refs are back! They officiated last night's Ravens-Browns game without any controversies. So I'm happy about that because the fake refs, as fans called the replacements referees, put the season of many teams in danger. One NFL analyst said one game means all the difference in the world and the difference between a 9-7 record and an 8-8 record can mean a playoff spot. The Giants could not have been Super Bowl Champions last year if they had lost 1 more game in the regular season. NFL doesn't play as many games as the MLB, NHL, or the NBA. Every game counts and that's why officiating is so crucial and integral to the game.


When I was a kid I didn't understand the importance of money. I never grew up with a lot of money though I didn't grow up broke either. I can't relate to having lots of money or no money. I can only say that if I were rich I would spend it on the poor like Robin Hood only minus the stealing part. I think in today's society the rich have way too much control over us and that scares me as an individual that's not remotely rich. I'd like to think that we are all treated equally but that's not the case at all. The person with more assets and money is generally treated better to a point where they think they're entitled to it. Sometimes that thought makes me sad. I guess I'm a little naive to think that way because the world that I imagine as a little kid is nothing what I thought it was. It's harsher, colder, and more severe than ever. Gandhi said be the change you wish to see in the world. He is right. And if I want to raise my kid in a society…

Our Idiot Brother

I saw the movie Our Idiot Brother last night on Showtime on Demand. I really enjoyed the movie because of Paul Rudd. Rudd plays Ned in the movie who of course is the idiot brother. The movie begins with Ned who sells weed to a uniformed cop and lands himself in jail. He serves time and gets out early for good behavior only to find out that his girlfriend left him for another guy and that he can't see his dog Willie Nelson anymore. Ned is bummed and temporarily moves in with this mom and then subsequently moves in with his sister. He enters his sisters lives and affects them in a way that helps brings light to their hidden problems. The sister he moves in with doesn't know that her husband cheats on her and somehow through his sheer innocence discovers the affair and relays that fact to his other sister. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone, but I would definitely recommend it. Movie's only about 90 minutes long and if you ask me it's more of a chick flick tha…

Water Cooler

The water cooler topic of the day is the Monday Night Football game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. On the last play of the game Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson threw a Hail Mary that reached the end zone where Wide Receiver Golden Tate and Safety MD Jennings leaped to the sky to secure the ball and the win for their respective teams. Jennings clearly jumped higher than Tate who had one hand on the football while both players struggled for possession as they landed on the ground. Then in the heat of the moment it appeared that Jennings came up with the game ending interception as one referee signaled a touch back which was then subsequently over ruled by another referee who signaled Touchdown. The call went upstairs to the review booth where they failed to reverse the blown call. The Seahawks home crowd erupted into loud celebration. Seahawks Head Coach raised his right hand up to the sky in victory and he had the most childlike smile I've ever seen on a gr…

iPhone 5 Sales Record

The iPhone 5 has sold a record 5 million units over the weekend Apple said. The record breaking number which easily surpassed last year's sale of the iPhone 4s by a million is still short of what Wall Street analysts expected. "Demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible and we are working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible," CEO Tim Cook said. "While we have sold out of our initial supply, stores continue to receive iPhone 5 shipments regularly and customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date." It was widely reported that Apple may have held the new iPhone 5s for its own stores. According to the Wall Street Journal, some Best Buy stores received as few as 10 iPhone 5 devices on launch day. There were retailers that reported they got less iPhone 5s than the number of preorders they received.

iPhone 5 Sales

The iPhone 5 was available for sale in stores yesterday but most off them were sold out according to the Huffington Post. Apple's newest phone, the iPhone 5, went on sale Friday September 21, 2012 and is in high demand that if you walk into a random Verizon or Sprint store you will find out that all but most expensive 64G iPhone 5s were available. You can buy the iPhone 5 online at Apple's website and the latest smartphone from Apple would ship in three to four weeks. You can also buy online at Verizon's website and the iPhone 5 would ship by October 19. Last year the iPhone 4S sold 4 million units the first three days according to Apple. The supply shortage for iPhone 5 is to be expected and if you can't wait to get your hands on it then you will have to shell out top dollar for the 64G iPhone 5s at your local retail store. If you want to get a great deal on the iPhone 5 then I suggest you buy directly from Apple's website and sign a two year agreement with Ver…

Green Day

When I was a kid my favorite band was Green Day. I loved their Dookie album that included hits as Longview, Welcome to Paradise, Basket Case, and When I Come Around. They are songs #2,#5,#7, and #10 on the album. I listened to that album so much as a youth that I came to revere Billie Joe Armstrong both as a musician and a role model. Since then Green Day has come a long way to become international rock stars and I have been fortunate to have followed them and be a fan since 1994. That's 18 years of Green Day! When I heard the other day at the IHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas that Green Day was given a minute to wrap up their set and Billie Joe threw a fit and said he wasn't Justin Bieber and then proceeded to smash his guitar on stage I became even more of a fan. He personifies everything that is right with rock music. You are supposed to respect your elder rock stars. It has always been that way. We don't disrespect those who have come before us especially in a c…

NFL Network Time Warner Cable Agreement

According to Bloomberg, the National Football League has reached an agreement with Time Warner Cable to carry the NFL Network and the NFL Red Zone channel. I hope this is true because I would love to be able to see more exclusive football games on the NFL Network every week. Also, with the NFL Red Zone, I'd be able to watch most of the scoring drives in football games in real time. This is definitely an exciting time for NFL fans who have Time Warner Cable and I can only hope that they announce it soon and get the deal signed! Although I work for Time Warner Cable, I have no direct knowledge of whether a contract has been signed with the NFL Network. Also my thoughts, opinions and statements on this blog are mine only and not affiliated with Time Warner Cable or the National Football League. However, Bloomberg is a reputable source of financial news and it definitely is a good sign of things to come. I am optimistic of being able to watch next week's NFL Network match up betw…


Ichiro Suzuki of the New York Yankees, in case you haven't heard, went seven for eight in a doubleheader against the Toronto Blue Jays. In second game of the day night doubleheader he went four for four with four stolen bases! Ichiro increased his overall batting average by eight points from .269 to .277. Fittingly, after the second game Ichiro said "I'm very sad that the day is over." The trade for Ichiro has rejuvenated him. In 53 games with the Yankees he's batting .317 with 3 homeruns, 19 rbis, and 10 sbs. If you project those number over the course of 162 games those numbers become All Star numbers. Ichiro before the Yankee trade was a a Hall of Famer with a great glove but on the decline in his offensive abilities. Since then he's been exceptional offensively and has outperformed everyone's expectations.

ESPN First Take

The ESPN sports debate show starring Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless is one of my favorite shows on television. Stephen A Smith gives us his honest and objective opinion in each debate and tells it like it is. Skip Bayless is unique and gives the viewers a refreshing perspective on the game. He is objective for the most part despite what Mark Cuban thinks. I hated that Cuban came on the show and put Skip Bayless on blast. You don't do that on someone's show. I'm pretty sure Skip Bayless knows a lot more about sports than Cuban does. As a sportswriter/sports television personality Skip has follows sports for a living. He knows sports and spends all his time watching, analyzing, and on ESPN First Take, DEBATING them. Where as Cuban spends his time being a billionaire businessmen on Shark Tank and Dancing With The Stars. This is not to question both men's brilliant minds. I just think it was bad that Cuban came on the show and shredded Skip to pieces while Stephen A Sm…

Untouchable League

After the Monday Night game between the Falcons and Broncos Steve Young made an honest remark on the NFL and Replacement Referees. He said about the NFL that "bottom line is they don't care." That is they don't care about the officiating and blown calls because it's been proven that fans will continue to buy tickets and watch the games. Young said "they don't care about player safety in the case of bringing in Division 3 officials, because it doesn't affect the desire for the game. If it affected the desire for the game, they'd come up with a few million dollars." Steve Young is so money on this topic of replacement referees that it could cause him to get fired from the Monday Night Football Telecast Booth. That's how powerful the NFL is. I'd be very interested to hear what Young has to say next. Whether or not he'll tone it down or be removed from the booth remains to be seen. The NFL has become an untouchable league that isn&…

Cheap Shot

Here are my thoughts on what transpired at the end of the Giants-Buccaneers game yesterday. I was shocked the Bucs defense tried to tackle the Giants as they did a kneel down to end the game. I can understand and empathize with Coach Coughlin in that you don't do that in the game because players can get seriously injured. Sure, the score was 41-34 and a turnover by the Giants could've won the game for the Bucs, but then again the Bucs had the entire game to try to win it. The kneel down is a common play that happens at the end of most football games when the winning team goes on offense for the last play. Everyone knows this an acknowledges the kneel down from High School to the NFL. What Shiano did was simply a cheap shot.


Good thing I missed the Jets game today because it was a stinker. The Jets lost 27-10 to the Steelers. My favorite NFL player, Tim Tebow, was nearly invisible as he appeared in only 3 plays. The Jets need to play him more or else I will stop watching them. Tebow should've gone to Jacksonville and played with the Jaguars. He has a better chance of beating out Blaine Gibbert than Mark Sanchez who is a good quarterback in my opinion. Speaking of Sanchez he struggled mightily in today's game and looked nowhere near his Week 1 self. Both New York football teams are 1-1.


Today's post is not about the delicious breakfast item that is apart of your typical American diet. It's not about money or how to bring home the bacon. It's about Kevin Bacon, well, the Bacon Number. And Google. If you watch a lot of Hollywood films or are a movie buff then you've probably heard of the term six degrees of Kevin Bacon which has become a parlor game that is a variation on six degrees of separation which posits that any two people on Earth are six acquaintance links apart. The Bacon Number of an actor is the number of degree of separation he or she has from Kevin Bacon. For example, the Bacon Number for Kevin Bacon is 0. Those actor who has worked directly with Bacon has a Bacon Number of 1. The six degrees of Kevin Bacon game is about to get better as Google has built the Bacon number into it's search engine. There's no special website but Google that you can play the game on. Want to know Johnny Depp's Bacon Number? Type in Google Search …

NFL Game Rewind Free Trial

Attention NFL Football fans you can now watch NFL Games Online and follow your favorite team all season long on! The NFL is offering a free trial on NFL Game Rewind, which gives football fans the ability to watch FULL replays of every 2012 game leading up to Super XLVII! 
In this limited time offer, when you subscribe to the free trial for NFL Game Rewind on the website site you have access to all the regular season games as well as playoffs and the Super Bowl. And since the Game Rewind subscription expires in July 2013 you can replay any game in full length from the 2009-2012 during the off season!
In my opinion NFL Game Rewind is the best deal out there because it doesn't cost a lot of money when compared with the price of a sports ticket. Think about the last time you went to a game how much did that cost you? Also, why would anyone need Directv's NFL football package when you can watch football games on network channels for free from 1pm to 11pm on Sundays …


In life we tell ourselves that it's good to keep our options open.That's it's good to be flexible, but I think that's just an excuse from making a hard decision. As an adult I believe that as you mature you become more aware of what matters and resourceful enough to focus on the important areas of life. 
When I was younger I found myself doing all sorts of things and experimenting because that's how kids develop. A toddler will play with one toy and then move to another because they get bored of it. Obviously, from good parenting I knew what was right and what was wrong but my activities were all over the place. 
As I got older I knew that it was crucial to stick to one thing and finish. I grew up involved in sports and as a result I became a competitive person. Because of that I was never the type to give up that easily and that's an important quality to have especially when you're a Man. But the ugly side of that is the stubbornness that comes along with …

Facial Hair

Over the past two and a half weeks I've been trying to grow out some form of facial hair. The first week I didn't shave at all and let it grow out completely. It looked good until the second week when I got comments from women that I needed to shave. So last weekend I shaved but saved what is an unconnected goatee which consisted of a mustache and chin hair. People said I looked different and older. I sported the look for two days and I shaved the bottom last night. I've come to the conclusion that facial hair makes me look dirty and older. However, I'm still holding onto the fact that I can at least look good with a mustache! I will report back when I get feedback!

80-20 Rule

I am a big believer in the Pareto principle which states that 80 percent of effects come from 20 percent of causes. One area of my life that I've applied this principle is work. Whenever I feel bored or when I don't want to do a particular chore I've learn to apply this principle to eliminate procrastination as much as possible.

I think that it takes 80% of my energy to do the first simple task of a chore. I then use my 20% remaining energy to complete the rest of the chore. If this sounds like counter productive thinking and it sounds weird to you then you got to trust me on this one. For those of you who procrastinate too often try doing the first step of a chore no matter how small. You'll be surprise that you have the momentum to go on and finish the chore or project with relative ease.

I realize how inaction and self doubt are my worst enemies of productivity. To avoid that I apply the 80-20 rule to every work related task that I do.

Sunday Sports

The Jets blew out the Bills 48-28 and after the game there was absolutely no debate on who the starting quarterback should be for the Jets. It seemed like Mark Sanchez threw perfect spirals every time for a large gain or a touchdown while Tebow never even got a chance to throw the ball and rightfully so. The position simply belongs to Sanchez and I don't see him giving up the position to Tebow any time this season or if ever. Tebow is a great guy and I hope he gets his chance and I believe that he will make an impact with the Jets.

Soon to be 31 year old Serena Williams came all the way back from being two points from defeat in what at the time was 5-2 lead for Victoria Azarenka in the third set. I think this was the most feel good story of the day. If you remember Williams had to sit out for a while when she had blood clots that threatened her life let alone her career. To battle back and beat a #1 seed is remarkable. All we need now is for Andy Murray to win against Djokovic tom…

Democratic National Convention 2012

I just watched the Democratic National Convention speech by Bill Clinton on YouTube and I must say that it was amazing (To watch the video click here.) Clinton articulated clearly what President Obama faced, the biggest collapse since the Great Depression, and how important it is to keep President Obama in office so that we don't undo those changes and continue the long road to recovery.


Coffee is my all time favorite drink. When I wake up and I smell the aroma of a freshly made pot of coffee I get excited about my day. If you're old enough to remember the old Folgers commercials then you probably know how much I relate to the jingle where it goes "the best part of waking up is the Folgers in your cup!" 
I remember when I was a kid and I wasn't allowed to drink coffee. I was a curious kid so when I got my first taste of coffee I naturally hated it! I was perplexed by how adults could love it so much. My mom loves her coffee though and naturally I became like her and drank it every morning and eventually I came to love it too. Coffee is definitely an acquired taste though. Now I drink coffee daily for the taste and it's health benefits.
Starbucks brand of coffee is my favorite. I love it as much as Taster's Choice, the brand that my family always bought growing up. I drink my coffee black so that's why I love these brands so much. I drink …


Thank God It's Friday! The work week is almost over and I'm so ready for the weekend. I had to work on Labor Day so I definitely deserve the next couple of days off. I'm going to Atlantic City, New Jersey and I will enjoy myself.

Fridays are awesome and I don't have to explain why. I'm in a great happy fun mood and this is how it should always feel like each and everyday. I know after a relaxing, fun filled weekend that I'll be refreshed and ready for Monday. You have to play hard, and then work hard!

Right now I'm about to head off to work and I know today was a quick little post but I hope it had some value in it.


For me Football is one of the hardest sports to watch because I'm such a huge fan. I love my Giants and I hate it when they lose like the way they lost last night to the Cowboys. I'm sure there are other die hard Giant fans who feel this way. 
Every loss sting and lingers with you because there are only 16 games in a season. Unlike baseball or basketball, every football game is crucial which makes the average fan feel like either it's the best of times or the worst of times depending on whether your team won or lost. 
Right now after a loss, I'm feeling upset and it was only the first game of the season! I could only imagine how the Patriot fans felt after their Super Bowl loss because it must have been filled with sorrow and regret!
I think the highs and lows of a football season is what draws many fans to the sport. It's not difficult to follow your favorite team as they play for about three hours every week. I can see the average sports fan becoming hooked on th…

Trash Talk

ESPN is blowing up tweets made by a couple of college football players about their crosstown rival quarterback. These kids should get a pass, even though these tweets were personal, they are entitled to their opinions especially when it's just trash talk. Coaches do not need to ban players from social media because banning that means taking away an outlet of expression and because trash talking will happen no matter if it's on Twitter or on the field.
The cynical person in me questions the ulterior motive of ESPN when it comes to their questionable coverage of athletes who trash talk on social media. ESPN is the foremost authority in sports media and when they portray athletes who commit the slightest faux pas on Twitter in a bad light they influence the entire sports community to think the same way. What happens next is that our favorite athletes tweet less because their coaches think Twitter's a major distraction and we use less of Twitter and watch more ESPN or read mor…

College Sports Television Market

A foodie in New York City can walk into any variety of restaurant of his or her choosing. However, the same foodie who also happens to be a football fan in New York City cannot even watch his or her favorite college football team. With sports as popular as it is, why are options to watch non local teams so limited? It's certainly NOT the technology and it's certainly not the low demand.

Fans crave this stuff and there is a market demand for this so why all the local blackout restrictions? Why are corporations and businessmen dictating what teams we are are able to watch and teams were not able to watch. I can understand how they can impose on us what professional teams were able to watch in our local markets but college teams? The last time I checked NCAA athletes don't earn a salary.

Can it really be all about the money given the number of sports packages that televise a number of out of market games? Is it not financially viable for an sports media executive to put a pac…

HBO Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks is an HBO mini series that follows an NFL team during training camp. You get to see what really goes on inside the locker room, the weight room, the film room, on the practice field, and in the coach's office. This year Hard Knocks focuses in on the Miami Dolphins.
The Miami Dolphins are a great and storied football team. When you think of the Dolphins you think of Dan Marino, Don Shula, and the undefeated season. And who am I kidding the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders! If you live outside of Miami, you probably know from ESPN who their Starting Quarterback is (it's first round draft pick Ryan Tannehill) but you probably don't know where they play (it's Sun Life Stadium). The Dolphins play in a state that worships football and in a division that's probably one of the toughest.
I've watched one and a half episodes of Hard Knocks and what I've gathered from it is that Head Coach Joe Philbin is a no nonsense coach that the team will definitely grow to…

Practice Makes Perfect

Have you ever heard of the saying that practice makes perfect? Or that practice makes permanent for those that don't believe in perfection? Because it couldn't be any truer. Practice does indeed make it perfect, or at the very least permanent.

Practice is the key to any form of mastery. If you want to be good at typing you practice typing. If you want to learn another language you practice learning that language. There's no shortcut, no book, advice or magic pill that can take it's place. And yet most of the products that out there are magic pills that don't work to help get you real, permanent results. So if there are no magic pills that can help you and we have to practice at everything we want to be good at then that means as a society were screwed right?

Not exactly, but I do think that the majority of people are generally lazy and they walk around the world in a walking daze. If you disagree with this statement read up on on physics. In physics the law of cons…

The Most Popular Prime Time Network Show

The most popular prime time network show last week was Hell's Kitchen on Fox. Gordon Ramsay is the show's creator and is quite frankly a genius. He's like a Seth MacFarlane for food television.

Ramsay owns the Fox airwaves on Mondays and Tuesdays nights. Not only does he have Hell's Kitchen to his credit, which also happens to be in it's tenth season, Ramsay has also created Hotel Hell which is the lead in to Hell's Kitchen on Monday nights on Fox. On Tuesday nights, Ramsay's rerun of Masterchef is a lead in to before the new episode of Masterchef airs. Masterchef is a competitive cooking show like Hell's Kitchen. All three shows are reality based.

What does this say about what Americans television viewers? That they love competition, reality shows, and food! Gordon Ramsay is a genius because he realizes this and is cashing in big time to the tune of $110 million dollars which is his net worth. And oh by the way his empire has a fourth show, Kitchen Nig…