Today, I want to talk about my experience that I had with a salesman. I went to a Men's Department looking to buy a suit. I am the most fastest of shoppers and the salesman was willing to assist so it was an ideal situation for both the buyer and the seller.

The salesman asked me what I was looking for and I said something along the lines of traditional, yet fashionable. The salesman then gave me some recommendations based and was sold on them. When it came to actually purchasing the items, the salesman tried to sell and pushed something that didn't meet my needs. The item was not the brand that I wanted because I never heard of it and it was more expensive.

If I had buying questions I would've asked why the salesman would recommend such a brand and why it was more expensive. When I told him that I wasn't familiar with that brand and that it was more expensive, the salesman ended up agreeing with me and that officially killed the upsell. Had he defended his product, and answered my buying questions, he might have overcome my objective. And that's why I guess they tell you to over objection!


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