Unwatched Series

Watching True Blood. Such a good series that I just started watching now that first aired back in 2008! I don't know why I'm drawn to True Blood. I think it's because it's a supernatural show about vampires that draws upon folklore. It's a show that entertains and makes me smarter. That's why I love it and can't stop watching. It's just different from all the shows that I normally watch which are based on reality.

There are just way too many shows to watch and not enough time to watch them. I am also watching The Mentalist again which is another good detective show about a former psychic who doesn't believe in the supernatural, and who uses the power of observation to solve crimes .I stopped watching it temporarily due to my busy schedule and lack of time. 

I guess I would have more time if I just stopped watching reruns of my favorite shows like The Office and sports. But it's just TV right and not that serious! 


the great AJ said…
that sounds amazing.... you might wanna check your facebook or your cell phone... one of your fans is there =)
Jim said…
Trust me, after the first season or two, True Blood stops making you smarter and starts having the opposite effect...
Marc said…
Deborah Ann Woll (Vampire Jessica)visited our call center the other week which is the real reason I started watching True Blood. I just finished Season Two of True Blood so according to you Jim I should stop? hehe

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