Two Year Work Anniversary

Two years ago today I attended an orientation in midtown Manhattan that would change my life. That orientation of course was for Time Warner Cable. I went in without the slightest idea of what would ultimately become my main source of income and full time job for the past two years. Since then I have learned a lot and grown in many ways - professionally, socially, and financially.

It's not hard to imagine that I've poured my heart and soul into my job working everyday and improving upon my skill set as a Client Services Specialist. Yes, that means I'm two years older, but also two years wiser and more mature than ever. I realize that work has meaning and is important in just more an economic sense. A job gives me sense of self worth and it gives me a greater appreciation of time more specifically what I do on weekends.

I had to make the best of it with my limited free time on the weekends . For example, I love travel so much so that I traveled around for three months late last year and I had a wonderful time doing it. And because of my steady paycheck I could afford it. Travel is one of the best things that you can do in your life. It gives you the ability to live in the moment and also forces you in a good way to learn about other cultures. Work is empowering and I am thankful that my job gave me the ability to travel.

In addition, to a steady income and travel, my job has fueled my strong ambitions. And ambition as we guys all know is what drives a woman wild. I consider myself to be an ambitious person. I go into work everyday thinking today is the day I prove everyone that has doubted me wrong that much more. The ones who underestimated, ridiculed, and belittled me to a point where I got insecure and started to doubt myself. That feeling of insecurity and helplessness fades away each day as I accomplish more and more at work. Now, that is an amazing feeling because overcoming adversity is always a challenge.

So even though I live in the moment here's to my next two years of continued professional success at Time Warner Cable. P.S To anyone from Time Warner Cable they already know that I would like to assume more responsibilities and interview for a position with greater role in the decision making process and direction of the company.


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