The Expendables 2

Going to go see The Expendables 2 this weekend with my buds. I've seen one trailer and don't even remember much of it and I haven't read the reviews yet so if it's anything like the first one then it should be a great movie.

The thing with some of these sequels is they tend to be really awful and that's because the script is usually drastically different from the first one. Why does this happen? Why mess with a formula that was wildly successful in the first place? Who knows?

If I were the creative type, I'd ask myself WHY NOT go in that different direction? Risk it on the house's dime and at the same time put my reputation on the line as a wildly creative person. If the movie ends up being popular then I get ALL the credit or at least the majority of it. That's what I call THE CREATIVE FORMULA  If it doesn't then people expected the sequel to disappoint anyway especially considering how great the first one was and then that expectation softens your fall from awesomeness.

It's a different story when you look at it from an investor's perspective or from the boardroom. All that matters is the bottom line. So you replicate a movie like The Hangover and make it wildly successful just by following the exact same plot and formula.That makes perfect sense and this what I call THE BUSINESS FORMULA.

I think The Expendables 2 will follow the business formula and for good reason. Because it's marketed to guys probably in the age 18-35 range, and since I'm apart of the demographic, to be honest were just looking for action, violence, and explosions. We certainly do appreciate creativity and thought provoking films however not from a movie with a title called The Expendables even though that's an SAT word. lol


Jim said… should pay to proofread these before you post them you just make too many grammatical mistakes; without them you write some pretty good blogs, Pongers.
Marc said…
Hey Jim, thanks for your genuine feedback. Yeah, I agree these posts do need proof reading. I'll take your suggestion into consideration as I get more readers. Thanks Jim I really appreciate your compliment that you think I write some pretty good blogs!

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