Roger Federer

A lot of people close to me know that I am a huge sports fan. I love all kinds of sports and I do follow all  American sports very closely. I admire a lot of our professional athletes but there only are a handful that I admire greatly - and they are Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, and Josh Hamilton. These guys were on my list back in 2007 and they still are as we approach 2013. Nothing has changed except for more glory, MVPs, and championships won. They are still at the top of their respective sport. As far as my number one favorite athlete goes it's close between Tom Brady and Roger Federer, but Roger wins hands down because of what's he's doing now at age 31.

It would be very difficult for me to rank these guys, but I have Roger Federer as #1 because he returned to the world's number one ranking at age 31. Anyone who follows Tennis knows that it's a young person's game and it's virtually impossible to dominate the sport as long as Federer has. A guy like Federer comes around once in a life. He's that rare and to be able to watch him play at an elite level is why I love sports so much.

You can say the same about Tiger Woods and his talent, but Golf is a different breed. You can play until well into retirement so time is on your side. With tennis, time is not your ally. Federer realizes this and you can see it in his eyes how much he loves the game and how much he wants to keep on excelling against all odds. You cant help but to root for him. It's like watching a movie, but it's real life. That's what sports is about.

P.S If you happen to be in New York, you should attend the US Open. It's a great event that just started tonight and will run until September 9.


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