Politics is a sensitive topic that should never be brought up unless you are ready to defend your point of view in heated interactions with friends and family members. It's a topic that can divide families and friends into groups that never before existed. Unfortunately, I learned the the hard way when I argued politics with friends. I dislike arguing with friends when I don't have to. Now I understand why they say to never discuss politics at the dinner table.

I strongly believe that political discussions are good when you debate them in a proper manner with a set of rules to follow. That way, we minimize personal attacks and prevent ill will towards one another. After all, what debaters do is introduce their argument, provide it with evidence, and then defend them against another's argument. The end goal in any debate should be to have proved your point or persuaded others to change their minds about such a topic in a civilized manner and without any form of trickery or deceit.

Politics is one of the few topics in life that are worth debating, and if it's anything like selling, it's for me.


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