There was a tragedy that struck New York City earlier this morning. At 903am a Gunman, 53 year old Jeffrey Johnson, a former employee of an import apparel company, shot and killed his former Manager and then got into a gunfight with New York City police. Shortly thereafter, the Gunman was dead and nine people were hurt.

When I first heard of this I was really disgusted. I cannot understand why scum like this exist. Then I got scared, because it was so close to home. It wasn't another city or another state but a couple of miles from where I live. Then I got mad, after learning from the media that the gunman had 8 rounds on him, and probably had other evil intentions. Then, I felt thankful that we have the best police in the world to protect us. The NYPD and Counter Terrorism unit do not get enough credit that they deserve.

A tragedy happened this morning, and New York City is still the safest big city in the world thanks to the NYPD and Counter Terrorism unit.


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