So I'm really excited that college football season is here! My favorite college football team is the Texas Longhorns, but this is not a post about sports. It's about when I went to Austin, Texas last fall and absolutely fell in love with the city and the college town. The people there were so nice, friendly, and polite. I'd hate to say it but they were the opposite of New York.

New York is a fast paced town with a lot of busy people. New Yorkers are one of a kind and I've grown accustomed to the way we treat each other. In a way, I identify more with being a New Yorker than anything else except for my Catholic upbringing. When we don't get our way we make it very difficult for others. We also tell it like it is and we are always in a hurry. That's the Big Apple.

Austin on the other hand is a college town. Austin is probably best known for the University of Texas at Austin but did you know that Austin is also the capital of Texas. The city 's nickname is the Live Music Capital of the World. On my visit I walked down their famous Sixth Street and heard tons of live bands. Here's a YouTube video of me walking around Austin's Historic & Entertainment District. http://youtu.be/pX1ba1dC6cc . And here's another video later in the night which catches a glimpse of what the atmosphere is like on a Thursday night. http://youtu.be/guHs9LvRqTc .

I'm sure you've heard that everything's bigger in Texas! However, nothing is bigger than their love for football. They sure do love their football in Texas and especially in Austin where their beloved Longhorns are a national college football powerhouse. I visited Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium and I felt goosebumps with their storied history.

When I travel I always do what the locals do and go to places they go to. So naturally, after spending a couple of days in Austin, I felt like I was a Texan because I felt I belonged. And when I came back to New York I had to anchor my good memories of my visit so what better way than becoming a fan of their beloved college football team. And that's how I became a Texas Longhorns fan.

PS I'll always remember that pretty smile from that Austin coed. She definitely made my night.


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