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Hulu Plus Free Trial

Today, I got an email from Hulu Plus that asked me to sign up for a free two week trial. I had already signed up for their original two week free trial and I did not like it very much because it did not have the show that I wanted. I felt it wasn't worth the $7.99/month price.

Yesterday I got the urge to watch The Office and lo and behold the entire series is available on Hulu Plus. So I remembered the email that I got that what I thought offered another free trial to Hulu Plus. After all, Netflix had offered two free trials (and I am strongly considering them because of their second free trial offer.) To my dismay, Hulu Plus did not offer me a second free trial, and as a result I am leaning toward signing up with Netflix because they also have the entire series of The Office and the option to rent DVDs by mail.

Had Hulu Plus given me that second two week trial I would have shelled out the extra $7.99/month to watch The Office for a month after the free trial had ended, instead I decided against signing up with them because there are simply too many other options (ie HBO Go, Max Go Cable On Demand, DVR, Crackle etc) and better ones for that matter that fit my needs (ie Netflix, Blockbuster, Red Box etc). Because of that confusing email from Hulu Plus, I was not only disappointed but actually felt entitled to that second free trial. When I logged in to Hulu Plus, and read that I was ineligible for that second free trial, I felt compelled to just shell out the extra $7.99/month, just to go ahead and watch The Office. I held back because I felt that the email misled me.  

So there you have it. Thanks for listening to me vent on about Hulu Plus free trial email. Hulu Plus is still a great product and I hope everyone signs up for their free trial.


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