What is my career ambition?

1) I want a sales job that will give me the ability to make $100,000 a year.
2) I want to make $100,000 as a salesman.
3) I want to start rise up the corporate ladder as a supervisor, manager, director, executive, then as a CEO.

How do I achieve my career development goals?

1) Become an industry expert.
2) Learn as much as possible about selling.
3) Become an effective communicator and networker.

What career related tasks must I complete each day, week, month, and year?

1) Daily - Interact with clients/customers and keep meticulous records of conversations.
2) Daily - Learn something new each day about my industry by reading blogs, news articles, and forums.
3) Weekly - Read 7 books related to industry, sales, and communication.  
4) Weekly - Practice what I’ve learned and write about my experience.
5) Monthly - Accomplish, Achieve, or Reach a monthly goal.
6) Yearly - Focus on strengths but learn from weakness and topping productivity from the year prior.


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