From a very young age I have always aspired to become an Entrepreneur. I've always had big dreams but never took action because I thought I was too young or had to finish up with school. Well now, that I'm not young anymore and have graduated from college, I've found that this is the perfect time to embellish the idea of entrepreneurship.

The idea of entrepreneurship is one that excites and motivates me but is something that is not firmly envisioned in my mind. There are no clear goals or set paths for me and that has to change starting today. I believe that entrepreneurship once obtained is a great achievement and leads to other decisive actions. Being an Entrepreneur will certainly bring out my leadership qualities, confidence and independence. The more I achieve success the less I will doubt myself. Unlike some cushy corporate jobs, being an Entrepreneur requires one to stay on his/her toes in order to remain competitive in their chosen field.

That chosen field for me is Internet Marketing. What's so interesting about Internet Marketing is the ability to start from scratch with nothing but your own sweat capital. What really draws me into IM is that it's sales/service driven. As much as I would love to make money and become an expert in my field, I just plain love doing business with other people. After working in Corporate America the past 7 years I have a general idea of what it takes to make the customer/clients happy. I think business is built upon friendship or one's likability. I mean don't you buy from brands you trust and like? I do and doing business with clients who you consider your friend is the only real way to do business long term. I've always had this realization and it maybe a little bit premature to say this but doing business is something that's intuitive for me.

Now that that I've stated my desire to start a business in Internet Marketing you can expect a lot of my ideas, thoughts, opinions on the matter. Nothing will be monetized on this blog except for a few adsense banners that may appear from time to time. Thank you for reading and I hope that this post inspires you to take action. If you do let me know how you're doing. 


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